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Terms & Condition

The below mentioned terms and conditions by Rapidhostings is an agreement and by accepting the below given terms and conditions you agree to be bound by this agreement. Hence you are requested to go through the given below terms and conditions carefully before making any kind of purchase of products or services through us.

1. Additional Policies and Agreements

A) Our terms of services are also applicable for few more policies when you use services or buy products from us. With the order of purchase of our services and products you agree to the terms of mentioned below policies as well.

i) Privacy policy

ii) Refund policy

B) There are few more terms of agreements that are applicable on certain services offered by us that you agree with for the purchase of our products and services.

2. Account Eligibility

A. By registering for our services you warrant that you accept all of our terms and conditions. It also means to us that

i. You are an adult and understand the below mentioned terms and conditions completely and properly. As these services are for the users who are 18 years old or more, access of our services or the registration at our site by an under eighteen would be considered as a violation of terms of service agreement.

ii. In case you are using our services or are registering yourself as a user at our site on behalf of some third party, with purchase of our services you warrant that you have an authority to act on behalf of such third party and you also with the purchase bind this third party with the mentioned agreement.

B. At the time of account registration with Rapidhostings you are requested to provide only genuine and correct information. False information and details may lead to termination of services. We are not responsible in case you experience lapse of services due to incorrect contact details or outdated information. While registering yourself as one of our service users and also while making purchase from our site it is completely your responsibility to provide us complete, updated and genuine information.

C. We often require your contact address and mailing address to inform you about our latest offerings and also at the time you require our services. We can only contact you on the address given by you at the time of registration hence in case of any change in contact address or any other details you are requested to contact us and get it changed. We verify the authenticity of the details provided by you and in case the information provided by your turns out to incorrect, it may mean the termination of your account. Services may also be denied to you in case you fail to present government issued identification documents to prove the authenticity of the details provided by you.

D. The security of the account and its password is the responsibility of solely the account holder. Apart from this only account holder is responsible for all the transactions, purchase and other actions taken place through its account. Therefore you are requested to keep your account password private and safe.

E. All IP orders along with hosting packages are subjected to IP justification. Rapidhostings has all rights to reject the IP request based on insufficient justification. Though these IP justification practices are compliance with the policies of ARIN yet these are subject to change without prior information.

3. Transfers

We offer courtesy services and help you in transferring your site to us but we do not guarantee the availability and time required for completing the account transfer even if it is a paid service. We offer 30 days of free transfer services but after this time period the transfer services are paid services. In some cases when the hosting platforms have saved data in an incompatible format, it becomes hard for us to transfer partial or complete account data and hence it could result in delay of services at our end. In some cases it becomes extremely difficult for us to transfer data from old host as every hosting company configures differently. It is no responsibility of Rapidhostings for lost or missing data and file during the procedure of transfer of data. Data backup is solely responsibility of our user.

4. Rapid Hostings Content

All the content that is present at the site of Rapidhostings is property of ours and licensers of Rapidhostings. By content on our site we mean designs, images, text, graphics, services, video, information, software, audio files, video files, selection and arrangements of these files and everything that you see on our site excluding user content. Modification of the content in any form will be considered as a violation of our copy right. You are not allowed to copy this content, reproduce it, republish, frame, scrape, display, download, transmit, sell, exploit, and dissemble it without the permission of Rapidhostings.

All content that belongs to Rapidhostings, mentioned or not mentioned in the policy, is a property of ours and no person or organisation is allowed to use it in any form and by any mean, without permission. Attempts of deriving source code and other trade secrets of Rapidhostings through reverse engineering, dissembling, decompiling directly or indirectly is prohibited and all these acts can result in termination of your rights of using our services.

5. User Content

A. Rapidhostings gives all right to its user to post user content through its account as far as the user content uploaded by you does not violate the rights of company or the third party. By user content we mean any content that is posted on the site of Rapidhostings by users. This user content may include text, video, information, graphics, pictures and other content. A user may upload, store, publish or display the user content on our site but the user content and other activities are complete responsibility of the users. The user is responsible for all the activities and transactions taken place through its account hence it is important for you that you keep the identity of your account and password safe and private.

The user content is completely a property of users yet for the purpose of providing the services you provide us loyalty free right to use the user content. You warrant Rapidhostings to modify the user content and display it publicly on our site. You also grant us right to publish and distribute this user content and also to make backup copies of the material. We have no intention to get the rights or titles of your user content yet by using our services you grant us a right to translate and distribute the user content on our site.

B. Rapidhostings does not monitor what its users have uploaded or posted on the site as user content and has no control over the activities of users through their account on Rapidhostings computers or network hubs. Hence we take no responsibility for the user content and are not obliged for the immediate corrective actions. We may though terminate the services without refund of money in case user is found to violet the agreement yet it is not a liability of ours to take immediate corrective actions or to remove the user content completely or partially because of given reason. By agreeing these terms of service you agree that we are not obligate to immediate action against the user content in dispute.

6. Third party product and services

A. Third party providers

We also offer some services and products that belong to other companies and we term these product and services as third party products and services. Rapidhostings does not share the terms and conditions or any other policies with these third party companies. Users are requested to go through the terms and conditions of these companies before making the purchase. You are required to agree all the terms and conditions of these third party companies before using or making purchase of their services and products. All the offers and discounts are the decision of third party companies only.

Any transaction to buy the third party products even if through Rapidhostings you agree to do all these transaction at your own risk. Rapidhostings does not represent these third party companies or their products and their services and hence takes no responsibility for the quality of the products or its availability at the time. We are not liable for the accuracy of the information provided by the company regarding its product or the warrantee related terms.

B. Third party websites

Our site may contain some third party links but we do not share same privacy policies and terms and conditions with these third party companies. When you click on these links you automatically enter into these sites. We advise you to read all terms and conditions of the company carefully before dealing in any way with the third party website. Rapidhostings takes no responsibility of the practices these third party websites use for the security of their customers' personal information. We do not control, investigate or manage the content on these third party sites and hence take no responsibility for their originality or accuracy.

7. Compatibility with services

A. Rapidhostings is not responsible for the delays because user fails to perform the obligations on time. By making purchase of our services you agree to cooperate with the provision of services from Rapid Hostings. It is the responsibility of the user to provide us equipments to receive our services. Timely performance of obligation by user's end results in on time services from Rapidhostings.

B. Rapidhostings may change its services, hardware and software through that it provides services to its users, without giving prior information. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that all the user content and user websites are compatible with these hardware and software.

C. Rapidhostings takes no responsibility for the backup of user content. It is completely your responsibility to backup the user content at our site and by agreeing these terms of services you agree to accept the risk of losing all or part of your user content.

8. Billing and payment information

A. Prepayment

All the payments for the services that are offered by Rapidhostings are to be made in advance. As per rule and applicable law the user is supposed to pay the oldest outstanding invoice in billing account of the user first and all the payments are made according to these regulations for payment only. On time payment and updated information of payment for the services is solely user's responsibility.

B. Auto renewal

We keep your credit card and billing information and on the completion of time period of one service package it gets automatically renewed and for these services you too are billed automatically. It keeps on recurring until and unless you apply for the cancellation of the services. You can mail your application for service cancelation and can apply for refund in case billing is already done.

C. Taxes

Unless it is mentioned in the services, all the fees are of non refundable kind and exclude all revenue, taxes, excise, sales, use, etc of any kind. The mentioned fees for services are fee for our services and products only and no taxes from taxing authority are included in it. The applicable taxes will be charged separately and users are supposed to pay these taxes along with the fee for services as well.

D. Fraud

Misuse of credit cards, electronic fund transfer, charge cards, electronic check or any kind of fraudulent use of any kind of payment method will be considered as violation of terms of services agreement.

E. Invoice Dispute

You may directly contact us if you have got any issue related to billing or charges. Our billing department is always ready to help you. You may forward your complain to get it resolved within 90 days from the billing.

9. Money back guarantee

A. Managed shared, VPS and reseller services

Rapidhostings offers money back option to its customers for managed, shared, VPS and reseller services. You can apply for the money back within 45 days from billing if you are not completely satisfied with services provided by us. You can apply for a full or a partial refund of the money according to the eligibility and section 13 of this agreement provides you the complete details of the terms. Money back policy excludes the administrative fee, custom software installation fee or any other setup fee. We also do not offer money back option for additional services offered by us. This money back guarantee only applies for paid hosting services.

B. Refund eligibility

You are eligible to apply for refund of money if you are a first time account holder at Rapidhostings. If you have cancelled you existing account and have again signed up at Rapidhostings, you are not eligible to apply for money back, similarly you are not eligible to apply for money back in case you have opened a second account. If you are found to be violating the agreement, you will get no right to apply for money back.

C. Domains

It is solely the responsibility of the user to apply for cancelation of domain registration in case user does not wish for a domain renewal. As domains are billed and renewed thirty days before the renewal date so the users are required to apply for cancelation of domain before 30 days of renewal date only. On the failure of on time cancellation of service user will not be eligible to apply for a refund of money. You can notify billing department through support ticket created from

D. Foreign Currencies

Rapidhostings processes all refunds in US dollars. Exchange rates fluctuations for international payments are unavoidable and hence by the applied rules the refund is paid according to the effective exchange rates on the date of refund. As these fluctuations are not in our control hence we take no responsibility if user finds difference in the rate of exchange in comparison to the time of payment with the rates of exchange at the time of refund of money.

E. Termination

Rapidhostings has reserved all rights for termination of services in case user in found to be violating the agreement of terms of services. We can also fully or partially terminate our services in case user fails to pay the due for services or if the conduct of user is harming the company, its sites or its users in any way. Rapidhostings can terminate its services without giving any prior notice and in any above mentioned situations, we will not be refunding the money even if the user has made any advance payment for services. Rapidhostings is not only obliged to pay any refund but it may also charge you for fee that is due on you for services that you have bought from us. It is to be noted that we will delete the data, user content and user website on the event of termination of services.

10. CPU, Bandwidth and Disk Usage

A. Permitted CPU and Disk Usage

If a user is using web hosting space provided by us, he/she agrees to terms of the agreements and accepts all use policy mentioned in the agreement.

i. The hosting space offered by Rapidhostings is not allowed to use for storage of media, email and other data. This space is only meant to use for web files, active mail and content of user websites. Rapidhostings also do not allow this hosting space to be used for email of FTP hosts or as offsite storage of electronic files. We reserve all right to review every shared account so that we could make sure that our users are not involved in excessive usage of CPU , disk space and other resources. Excessive use of resources is considered as violation of the agreement if a user is found to be violating the acceptable use policy, Rapidhostings reserves all right to terminate user's access to the services, charge additional fee or remove complete user content.

ii. The resources allocated to the specific plan that you buy, limits the dedicated and VPS usages.

B. Bandwidth usage

Dedicated, resellers and VSP servers are subject to the terms of the plan that you purchase and you can view them on your control panel. Though unlimited bandwidth usages are not available for these.

11. Price Change

Rapidhostings has got all rights to change the rates for our services without giving you prior information. Though the rates for our services will not increase till the period of service agreement, in case the rates for certain service has increased after you have made the purchase. We may though send up to 30 days prior notice of change of price but it is completely your responsibility to periodically review the billing information.

12. Indemnification

By agreeing these terms of service you agree to indemnify and defend our indemnified party that includes us, our affiliates, officers, and agents etc from any legal or administrative claims, suits, demands and proceedings. In case we are threatened to or are charged with any expense or have to pay any fee because of the reason that you have used our services or you are caught violating the terms of agreement or because of some other act by you, by agreeing this agreement you accept that you will defend these indemnified parties from attorney fees or any other kind of expense imposed on us.

13. Disclaimer

Failure of deliveries or late deliveries etc. are unforeseen issues. We do not warranty late delivery, loss of data due to delays, wrong deliveries or any kind of service interruptions and hence we and our employees are not responsible for the damage that your business may suffer due to above mentioned circumstances.

14. Backups and data loss

Rapidhostings is not responsible for any data loss as it does not maintain any backups of accounts. Customers by agreeing these terms and conditions, agree to take complete responsibility of files and database transferred. We offer our backup services only once in a week and after that we overwrite the previous backup. This process terminates all stored files and hence leaves no chance of our storing the back up for you. Only shared and reseller account can avail our one week backup services that we offer as courtesy service. By agreeing to these terms of services you agree to take responsibility to maintain appropriate backup of your files.

All data is kept secured to second drive so that on the event of drive failure it could protect the data loss. However any account that is using more than 20 gigs of disk space will be removed.

15. Severability

Even if any court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of any provision of this agreement or a complete provision of this agreements invalid or unenforceable, until and unless it is specified to be effective the remaining part of the agreements will remain effective and in force.

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